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    Twisted Individual - "Bandwagon Blues"

    Disses: Distorted Minds

    In 2003, a particular brand of dancefloor-ready drum and bass was gaining prominence, and, subsequently, being reworked by different producers. Twisted Individual had logged numerous releases on DJ SS' Formation Recordings, establishing his unique style and humor (along with a knack for imaginative, crude song titles). A new duo on the scene, Distorted Minds, had one of their first massive hits, "T-10," on the now-legendary Breakbeat Kaos imprint, and the heavyweight banger definitely bore resemblance to Twisted's style, from the energy-fueled bassline to the sound of the drums.

    Drum & Bass, and much of EDM itself isn't really built on "beef" or diss tracks, mind you, so when Twisted decided to mock this tune with a track entitled "Bandwagon Blues," even mimicking the "t-minus" countdown from "T-10" (ending with the nasty "oh fuck this"), it set the online dnb community into a tizzy. It was sharp, humorous, and left no question who the darts were aimed at.

    BONUS: John B - Bandwagon Poos Disses: Twisted Individual & Distorted 

    Another producer, John B, was finding his own humorous voice, and knocked out a parody of "Bandwagon Blues" entitled "Blandwagon Poos," poking fun at the people who disdained his use of electro within the drum & bass community, simultaneously creating a hilarious send-up of the Twisted/Distorted beef. This whole ordeal culminated in a classic appearance from Twisted Individual on Grooverider's BBC Radio 1 drum & bass show, where Groove (in his unique way) chose to discuss the entire situation, letting Twisted know that he felt he was the "bigger man." If anything was learned from this situation, know that for a second, dnb had some personalities lying underneath all of the dark bass and dusty samples.