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    Hearing Jimi Speak

    Today would have been Jimi Hendrix's 70th birthday. To celebrate, we've put together a really special collection of audio clips from various Jimi Hendrix interviews with the help of Hendrix historian Steven Roby, who edited Hendrix on Hendrix: Interviews and Encounters with Jimi Hendrix.

    In the book, Steven Roby collects over 50 interviews of the psychedelic king of electric guitar from the peak of his fame up until a week before his sudden death. What emerges is Hendrix’s own voice and opinions on everything from his fame, his heartbreaking childhood, and legal problems to being thought of as a race deserter. Giving a rare and intimate view into the superstar, Hendrix on Hendrix discloses how just days before his death, Hendrix didn’t want to be remembered as “just another guitar player.”

    Of the book, Roby explains, "This is first book to have Hendrix tell his life story in his own words. It’s assembled in chronological order starting with his first press interview shortly after he arrived in England, and his last, just a few days before he left the planet. What’s interesting here are Hendrix’s responses to a variety of questions. Some are revealing, philosophical, and even quite funny. I relied on my vast archive of tapes, newspapers, magazines, and even court documents to compile Hendrix on Hendrix. The book also features several rare photos and a section called Quotable Hendrix, where the reader can see what Jimi actually said."

    Check out and purchase Hendrix on Hendrix here.

    Musically, Jimi Hendrix is a force. Whether trudging through heart-wrenching blues or whipping up storms of sound strong enough to shake ground, the music he created had a power to it that is hard to rival. This makes it even more fascinating to hear him speak. With a gentle tone and a calm, peaceful nature about him, listen to these short clips to hear Jimi speak on music, life, and his ultimate experience.