Another fine week’s in the can, and we’ve got some serious EDM in this week’s round-up. Leading off we’ve got a sick mix from Skream and Disclosure – together – from a recent show in London, a grip of content from Benga, a Crookers bootleg of an Internets classic, some new Trap from ETC!ETC! & Brillz, and as you will see, the current state of EDM videos builds into a short monologue on what makes them dope and what, well, doesn’t.

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Skream B2B Disclosure LIVE at Do Not Disturb (11/14/2012)

This happening is a thing of beauty. Boiler Room started out as intimate gatherings in boiler rooms, and while there’s probably a grip of references to “heat” from the boilers and the decks that I could make, just know that their series of parties have gone down in EDM lore. They’ve recently partnered up with W Hotels to launch Do Not Disturb, a series that plans to showcase the scenes in London, Paris and NY with these massive parties at varying W hotels. The London edition went down this week, and it featured Disclosure sharing the decks with Skream for 70 minutes of 135BPM-range funk. Skream’s known for dubstep, but he got to spread his wings in this one. Download/stream just the audio, or check the video of the set below; you might want to put on some comfortable shoes and get your dance on.

Benga: I Am Benga Episode 1 x “Hitman”

Skream‘s been free to explore the non-dubstep side of EDM due to his partner-in-crime, Benga, working on pushing his next album, Chapter 2, which is scheduled for release in 2013. The stars seem to be aligning in Benga’s favor, and the push for this next album is massive. This week marked the beginning of his I Am Benga video series with Red Bull, giving us a dope behind the scenes look at one of the scene’s luminaries. It might seem familiar within other forms of music, but this type of access isn’t normally given to dubstep artist’s, so it’s a pretty big feat. He also dropped a free tune this week, “Hitman,” which was done in conjunction with Trapstar for the Hitman video game. Check the video out, then listen to “Hitman,” which you can grab for free for the price of your email address being added to a newsletter.,

Crookers – “Big Booty Bootleg”

Gotta love EDM sometimes. It’s one thing to have some corny Internet guy make a “dance” remix of a popular video. When a popular producer/DJ makes a bootleg and totally flips a video that’s made many of us laugh? Amazing. Crookers, who recently went from being a duo to a solo act, dropped this bootleg of the mighty “Big Booty Bitches,” and not only does it instantly bring laughs, it fucking bangs. He really stayed true to the original clip (which you can see below), while punching it up to rock the crowds in 2012. Fun and funky: everything a good bootleg should be.

ETC!ETC! x Brillz – “Callisto”

Brillz & ETC!ETC have already reworked “Simon Says” and the end-theme from Ferris Bueller, and Mad Decent dropped a fresh Trap cut from these two this week, really showcasing why it’s called “EDM Trap” by some. We’ve got the normal 808 drums and the chunky bass (that’s definitely knocking a bit harder than normal); add the rave-ready melodies and textures? The thunderous drops? Tailor made for the glowstick set, and perfect for you to cruise to while doing whatever it is you funky kids do while cruising.

Ta-ku – “Diamond Mouth”

Some of you might’ve been up on Ta-ku since our feature on him last December. Maybe you heard his Re Twerk release from August. Maybe you didn’t catch wind of his sound until Baauer dropped “Diamond Mouth” on Benji B’s show back in October. For the insane clip for “Diamond Mouth,” they got a real-life dojo master to flex his skills (and participate in a little dream sequence), in tune and on time to the beat. Not sure where that concept came from, but it works much better than some videos that give a bit of a leftfield visual to their tracks.

Styles&Complete: “Secret War” remix, Mixify Unity Digital mix

This duo has been murdering sound systems for a bit. We previously featured their Frank Ocean remix, and they’ve been on a tear in terms of remixes ever since. They recently dug deep into this Hattie Murdoch remix, creating a pretty captivating rework of “Secret War” for the raver massive out there. These two are also known to delve into the Trap side of things, and have been working on a release that will be something to look out for. They touched down on Mixify this week, and even debuted some of these new tunes, among serious tracks from like-minded cats out there. If you’re doing any partying this weekend, this’ll be your pre-game mix.


1. Throwed- Styles&Complete (WORLD PREMIER)
2. ITH – Flosstradamus
3. Clique- G.O.O.D. Music (Enferno Remix)
4. Rooster In my Rari- Waka Flocka (TNGHT Remix)
5. Secret War- Hattie Murdoch (Styles&Complete Remix)
6. Go Hard – South Rakkas Crew (Rell Remix)
7. Smash It- Styles&Complete
8. Cant Deny It- Fabolous & Nate Dogg (Aaron Bond Remix)
9. Tipsy- J Kwon (Candyland Remix)
10. Intergalactic – Beastie Boys (Psymbionic Remix)
11. Finale- Madeon (Dillon Francis Remix)
12. Jungle Spaceships- Styles&Complete (WORLD PREMIER)
13. King Kong- Datsik (Luckydate Remix)
14. Shake Dem- GTA
15. Warp 1.9 -Steve Aoki
16. Warp 1.9- Steve Aoki (Cesqueax Trap Remix)
17. Boyz in the Hood- Pass the 40
18. Females Welcomed- Trinidad James (Styles&Complete Edit)
19. Gunfiyah- CRNKN
20. Dat Ass- Bro Safari
21. BLAOW!- Styles&Complete (WORLD PREMIER)

The Others ft. Geoff Smith – “Freeze The Frame”

Here’s a new clip from Dub Police member The Others. It’s always dope when these dubstep producers bring in a vocalist to help bring their more anthemic tracks to that next level. Once it drops, it’s business as usual, but this one feels downright cinematic as it builds. While MistaJam says this is taken from The Other’s forthcoming Red Planet LP, the single version of this one drops November 26th, backed by remixes from Mydas & Baxta. What’s crazy is, the “A-side” of this release is a track from The Others and Emalkay which is just as dope!

Concord Dawn ft. Nina McSweeney – “The River”

Earlier this year, New Zealand’s own Concord Dawn returned to the drum & bass scene with Air Chrysalis, a free album that he admittedly make to bring more “adult dnb” to the scene. As the bigger, more rave-ready drum & bass feels both formulaic and sophomoric, he brought in some more mature themes and feelings, and “The River” is a great example of this. For the video, we get an odd tale featuring the beautiful Nina McSweeney singing across some long-lost island, running from some assailant. Not sure what the deal is here, but again it’s better than the majority of the clips you see for EDM tracks.

The Prototypes – “Suffocate”

There’s something about a track that’s so undeniable that you have to include it, even if you dislike the visual that’s provided (you like that recurring theme this week, don’t you). Shogun Audio made a wise decision when they signed The Prototypes exclusively, as these guys have the types of tracks that will not only move a crowd, but will sound great during movie advertisements and during flashy video game footage. “Suffocate,” which was released this week, is such a big tune. The problem lies when your “OFFICIAL VIDEO” is nothing more than shots of the DJs playing and the crowd bouncing. If your live show isn’t killing the kind of shit that DJ Marky does, you might need a new treatment for your video. Again, the track is huge, and is a great example of the bright, “mainstream” side of drum & bass, but you will be rocking to this clip because of that track, not the visual they provided.

Brackles – “Hidden Depths of Rinse” Mix (presented by Tiger Beer)

The Rinse FM family tree is as deep as it is influential. To help promote the final Hidden Depths show that Tiger Beer will be putting out, the mighty Brackles dug deep into the Rinse back catalog for this one, dropping tunes both released by Rinse as well as producers who exemplify what Rinse brings to the grime/UK funky/bass music sound in general. If you ever wanted to know what the UK is listening to when there’s no dubstep, drum & bass or Disclosure to occupy their time, they might be in the club, getting properly sweaty with their shorty to tracks that fall in this vein.


01. Roska – Squark
02. Brackles & Cherri V – Chasing Crazy
03. T Williams – Anthem
04. Geeneus – Yellowtail
05. Roska – Energy
06. DVA – Jelly Roll
07. Geeneus – Get Low Instrumental
08. El-B – Express
09. Horsepower – Gorgon Sound
10. Abstract – Touch
11. Daluq – Supafine
12. Darqwan – Pipe Dreams
13. Artwork – Red
14. Wizzbit – Breakdown
15. Menta – Rubba
16. D1 – Crackbong
17. Wiley – Freeze
18. Bokbok – Sylo Pass (Spyro Remix)
19. Dizzee Rascal & D Double E – Give You More