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    Atlantic Connection - "MCMLXXXIII. part one"

    Atlantic Connection is another producer we put you onto with a Weeknd remix. If you dug that and wanted to hear more from this guy, check out MCMLXXXIII. part one, which features a number of previously-released remixes and original tracks, including the aforementioned Weeknd remix. AC is a diverse producer, so be prepared for dubstep, house, dnb, and more in this package.


    1. Forgiven featuring Armanni Reign 2. Submorphics – When You Said featuring Christina Tamayo (Remix) 3. Gold Dust 4. Rose Hart – Put Your Hands Up (vip mix) 5. On My Mind 6. Perfect Day 7. She Makes Me Say (instrumental) 8. The Weeknd – The Morning (Remix) 9. Catch A Fire 10. Charlie – Sunrayz (Remix) 11. Diamonds & Pearls 12. Fly Union – Control (Remix) 13. Joyride (instrumental mix) 14. Tweet – Day Dreaming (Remix) 15. Northern Soul