By Khal

Another week down, another helping of the finest EDM out there. Forgive the Trap-heaviness this week, but it’s not my fault that guys like CRNKN, Clicks & Whistles, Carnage, Lockah and others decided to drop fire at the same damn time. There’s also a free album from MUST DIE!, the new mix series from David Heartbreak and even a full preview of Slit Jockey’s forthcoming compilation. Sound enticing? Click on and get acquainted with this week’s best in show.

Clicks & Whistles – “Fumando”
This shit right here straight up feels like a Trap’d out intergalactic space battle, with fazers set to “stun” and bass pounding in your chest. This one does not fuck around, and recently got released on Frite Nite. The sampled vocal is infectious, and this one will have all asses and furniture in the immediate vicinity shaking.

Taiki & Nulight – “FootWerk”
Trainspotters unite! No, we’re not talking about doing drugs, we’re talking about picking up on tracks in the mix. B.Traits dropped this on her Radio 1 show this past week, and while this duo is catching fire right now (with a single Benga Beats in December), this is one of those tracks that you fall in love with and need right away, but is more than likely unsigned. Who knows when it comes out. And you? You, the faithful music lover, will have to live off of a minute and a half clip on their SoundCloud, or until you download another mix that features it. The caveat? Once it’s out, and you own it, you probably won’t even play it. So kids, don’t be a trainspotter.

GTA ft. DJ Funk – “Booty Bounce”
With a track this nasty entitled “Booty Bounce,” there’s not much for you to do but get your ass on the floor and bounce it. These guys have racked up some serious points on their resume, and we’re damn near amazed that they gave this one away for free! “Shake Dem” is just as intense… this isn’t for milling about! You might want to hold some twerk competitions, soundtracked by these two tracks on repeat.

Caspa ft. Mighty High Coup – “On It”
Dub Police head Caspa linked up with Atlanta trio Mighty High Coup for this track, which finds the dubstep maven putting on his Trap attire. It works, well – these three know how to ride these kinds of beats, and Caspa added in a number of elements that help fatten this beat up, namely that marching drum. As you can see, this track is good enough to rap on or just to get lifted to with your people. Expect this one to drop on Dub Police in December.

Carnage – “Bang!”
Yes, we definitely dropped words on this earlier this week, but it’s hard to not be proud of Carnage. We’ve known he was going to make it, and in the last couple of months he’s gotten a number of great looks, with “Bang!” being signed to Fool’s Gold being the obvious biggest for his current venture into EDM. Grab this when it drops on November 13th.

Lockah – Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em
We put you guys up on the title track (which is also the best one out of this lot) recently, and Mishka’s released the full EP. Trap’s a genre and sound that’s gotten a lot of acclaim in 2012 (as well as a lot of hate). As we enter 2013, the scene can do nothing but grow, and it’s time to separate the men from the boys. While you can surely retain what makes the scene pop off, there’s going to be a lot of guys who aren’t as imaginative as Lockah getting left by the wayside. Be sure to latch onto the producers in the Trap scene that matter.

David Heartbreak – Into The Red, Vol. 1
In the first of his new monthly mix series, Heartbreak keeps things nice and easy to start out, although “nice and easy” includes a batch of beats that beast through the EDM gamut. Loads of heavy bass and crispy rhythms to get you through the month. Heartbreak’s a dope producer in his own right as well, which is evident in this trek.


1. Crookers/Trillex/Fools Gold Records
2. Phat Deuce/Bubble Di Sistem/Mad Decent
3. David Heartbreak/Spell on you/White Label
4. Bingo Players/We Dip ( Big Boss Remix)/White Label
5. Astronomar & Swick – horse code / Enchufada White Label
6. PartySquad/Down Low ( Simon Sayz Remix)/White Label
7. Dooze Jackers/Eudi Feat Wes Da Graaf/White Label
8. David Heartbreak/Trumpets/White Label
9. Angger Dimas/Hey Freak!/Mixmash
10. Katnip/Bring the bass/White Label
11. David Heartbreak/Elmo ( j Trick Remix) /Mad decent
12. GTA/Booty Bounce/Mixmash
13. ClockWork/BBBS/Mad Decent
14. Nicademass/Trapped in a Nightmare/White Label
15. Chuckie/Who’s Ready to Jump ( Dada Life Remix)/Big Beat Records
16. Bassjackers/Mush Mush/Nervous Records

CRNKN – The Future EP
This one feels like it’s been a long time coming. One of the names in the Trap scene that seems to be getting more and more essential is CRNKN, and he released his The Future EP this week. If Branchez is the diverse soul of Trap, CRNKN is the no-nonsense, back to basics heavyweight champion of the scene. Almost wish this one had eight more tracks – feels like we could listen to this on repeat all weekend!

MUST DIE! – Vines
MUST DIE!’s a name that’s only been on the scene for the last year, but he’s already amassed releases for Mad Decent, Ultra, Dim Mak, Sub Human, Play Me, and more. Dude’s an ATLien who unearths otherworldly beats in a multitude of BPM ranges. For some reason, he gave away his VINES LP for free (well, for the price of a tweet or FB status), and it’s well worth it. This is really a lot of fun, and a great tool for the new EDM head that might not realize how many different way you can skin this electronic cat.

Choice Cuts 2
Starkey, Dev79 and company have crafted what’s possibly one of their best compilations in Slit Jockey history on this one. Perfecting the sound of bass-heay grime, this EP features sought-after tracks like Starkey’s “DPMO” (which is getting released digitally for the first time), DS1’s “Nether Edge” (and the vocal version, “Addicted”) and an assortment of other massive tracks. This one will be out on the 19th of November via all quality digital download sites, but you can preview the entire project right now!