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    6. The Prodigy refused to produce for Madonna, David Bowie, and U2.

    As we've mentioned, two things happened in 1997: electronica was the craze and The Prodigy's The Fat of the Land was the torchbearer. What happens when these two things occur? If you guessed "established acts attempt to cash in by getting the current hot producers to work on their albums," you win some lighters and a new pet mouse.

    David Bowie, Madonna, and U2 have all been known to tailor their sounds to what was hot at the current time, while still keeping their singular voices in tact. David Bowie had successfully put out Earthling, successfully incorporating drum & bass and other electronic sounds, and is said to have been influenced by The Prodigy and Underworld. The Prodigy was overall just not comfortable working with these acts, going on record with Rolling Stone saying:

    I was, well, I’m quite flattered, to be honest, but I’m not going to do it... that’s possibly the worst move we could do right now—give Madonna our sound. I don’t want to be spreading our sound around. I’m just not prepared to take that risk.

    The wild part about that is The Prodigy were actually signed to Madonna's Maverick label for the US release of The Fat of the Land. It sounds like career suicide, but the way their album was moving, they probably earned the right to maintain their exclusivity when it came to collaborating.