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    3. The Jedi Knights tried to sue The Prodigy, and ended up getting sued themselves.

    On the album track "Climbatize," Liam Howlett sampled the drums from a track by The Jedi Knight (aka Global Communication) entitled "Air Drums from Outer Bongolia." They caught wind of this and wasted no time trying to sue The Prodigy for the use of the drum loop, but Liam had a trump card up his sleeve: he knew that The Jedi Knights sampled the Incredible Bongo Band's "Bongolia" on their track. Their record label, XL Recordings, ended up buying the rights to "Bongolia" and in turn threatened to sue The Jedi Knights. While this clipped the wind from their sails, it also got back to George Lucas, the man behind Star Wars who created the term "Jedi Knight," and ended up suing The Jedi Knights over the use of the name!

    Moral of the story? Remember where you stole from before you claim someone stole from you.