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    Dr. Dre ft. Eminem - “Forgot About Dre”

    Difficulty Level: Between Kelly Clarkson and Whitney Houston (depending on how many drinks you've had)

    Pulling off a good rap karaoke performance is tricky, but if you do it right, you'll be a king/queen. I learned that this last year, when I was in a small, rather quiet bar. Out of nowhere appeared a squirrely white man, poorly dressed, with a sloppy beard that suggested hobbies like indoor rock climbing and debating the finer points of Collective Soul records.

    Suddenly, he was in the corner with a microphone, rapping along to "Forgot About Dre" and doing both Dre and Em's parts spot-on, nailing that Em verse—the one that every kid at every seventh grade dance mangled in an attempt to imitate a flow even most pros can’t keep up with. If you can nail that verse, you’re in the karaoke pantheon.

    By the end of the performance, he was a fucking hero, no matter if he could made it to the top of the rock wall or not.