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    Outkast - "Hey Ya"

    Difficulty Level: Rebecca Black

    You’ve reached that weird lull in the night where that girl no one really knows who came in a few minutes ago (is she a friend of a friend? did she randomly stumble in? is she drinking your liquor??) has surreptitiously. You need to take the night back. Well, first you need to take the remote back, then you need to save the night.

    How to correct the vibe? Go with something ubiquitous, something so inescapable you know everyone in the room will love and probably hasn’t listened to (at least willingly) in a few years. You want something easy. Something that’ll turn up the crowd participation.

    Outkast has you covered.

    “Hey Ya” is fun, quick, and guaranteed to get at least half of the room singing. And, at very least, you’ve got two home run moments: the chorus and the point at which everyone pulls out their polaroid pictures and shakes it.