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    Perhaps the new MySpace's best feature.

    Say you have a free afternoon, with a plan to get educated. Click on "Discover," and get opened up to (hopefully) worlds of music you're not even up on. It will break the MySpace community's tracks that are in the "highest rotation," but you can also check out the latest albums, check out what individual artists are doing, and even get put onto some new artists via the "recommended" section (which we really hope is another place where emerging artists can get exposure on the same stage as more established acts, or this could be all for naught).

    Clicking on a specific artist takes you to their page, where you will get to listen to their top tracks, as well as a short bio on said artist if you want more info. On this page, you can also see this artist's top fans (maybe this is set up via number of plays?), as well as similar artists. This format helps stress community based on musical interest. Could be interesting to see how these fanbases can grow with these kinds of connections being made at the click of a button.