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    Get connected

    Connections. See those circles and numbers underneath that Kendrick/Hendrix quote? The one on the left is how many people the user is connected with, while the one on the right is how many people are connected to the user. It sounds weird (wouldn't the number of connections be inclusive?), but that's how it's written.

    Don't be surprised if you start hearing rappers drop lines about how many connections they have on MySpace. The site wants to position "connecting" as the new "follow me." Instead of these numbers only allowing twitter to suggest certain people based on the type of people you follow, these "connections" definitely play a part in how MySpace tailors itself to you, especially when it comes to who they feel would be more up your alley. Look at it as the ultimate catalyst for "if you like this artist, you'll probably like this guy!"

    This could be paramount to artists who are truly ingraining themselves into MySpace. Get off the ground running, and really sculpt your fanbase by connecting with the right people. We can only imagine how this could benefit an artist or band that is smart with how they navigate the site. You don't know how many people could click on you for being similar to some major label band. Just something to think about.