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    Another potentially exciting new feature, mixes will live or die with the vastness of MySpace's archives.

    Users can create mixes, which are similar to the playlist feature in Spotify, where you can add tracks as you see fit. The real catch, based on the picture up above, is that it almost feels worthless when a certain song isn't there. For example, I typed in Danny Brown, and songs from The Hybrid were there. That's awesome, but if XXX isn't there, it feels way out of place. Typing in A Tribe Called Quest and other groups met the same fate.

    To be fair, Spotify suffers from this occasional incompleteness as well: you get used to streaming what you want to stream when you want to stream it, but if it's not there, why even bother with the service? Hopefully at launch and shortly thereafter, MySpace will have more contracts secured, as mixes could be an excellent service in terms of promotion. Say you're an established artist, and before your album you create the perfect mix of your back catalog for your fans. Or you dedicate certain mixes for different times of day or holidays. The opportunities are endless, but it's easy to get frustrated if the "right" track is nowhere to be found.