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    One of the more immediate changes you'll notice is a toolbar at the bottom of every page. As you can see in the above picture, one of its functions is to help you continuously stream music while navigating through MySpace, almost like integrating Pandora or Spotify directly into your social media experience. It's as easy as searching for an artist, then having MySpace tailor the next selections based on what you might like.

    While this is a brilliant idea for those who want to surf and rock out, our real hope is that some of these unsigned/indie artists might start getting rolled into these radio stations. You're able to, from that bar, "connect" (more on that in a bit) to the artist in question, and based on how MySpace's algorithms run, the people you connect with should play a part in the way the radio stations work, giving someone a truly awesome experience when it comes to discovering new talent... hopefully.

    This feature also works with video. If you want to play a video and check out the site at the same damn time, the video will shrink to a thumbnail size and play in the right (or if you want, you can close the image and just have the audio play). You can hit the toolbar and click on the image to bring the video back up full.