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    Christmas At Luke’s Sex Shop

    Miami rap legends 2 Live Crew’s controversial 1989 album As Nasty As They Wanna Be established “The Fuck Shop,” a brick-and-mortar operation that made sex affordable and convenient (as if trying to will positive Yelp reviews into being, Luther Campbell ends the track by shouting “Thank you for fucking at The Fuck Shop!”). Five years later, Uncle Luke finally had a Christmas sale. The 1994 EP Christmas At Luke’s Sex Shop examines the holiday from all angles.

    An obvious highlight is “2 Live Christmas,” which takes the action from Santa’s stressed-out crew toiling in the North Pole in the run up to Christmas Eve to 2 Live Crew engaging in criminal enterprises on the streets of Miami, all over a surprisingly boom-bap beat interspersed with traditional Christmas melodies. Stranger is “Jesus Is Black,” which questions whether Santa is necessarily white over a beat playing backwards. “Christmas Spliff” asserts that the holidays are an ideal time to get buzzed, just not necessarily on eggnog and rum balls. “Ho Ho Hoes” is self-explanatory – ornamental discretion is advised.