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    Jim Jones – "A Dipset X-Mas"

    Jim Jones’ A Dipset X-Mas could have been better timed. Sure, it came out right in the middle of the holidays, but in December 2006, just as the Diplomats’ hot streak was coming to an end following the lukewarm reception that greeted Dipset figurehead Cam’ron’s fifth album, Killa Season, the group was beginning to beef with each other and move toward breaking up. A couple years earlier, this would have been a Christmas stocking rammed full of verses from all eight members of the crew. But in 2006 the only other Diplomats Jim Jones could pull in were Juelz Santana and J.R. Writer – Cam’ron is nowhere near this thing.

    Regardless, the album has its moments (only the first five of 10 tracks are about Christmas anyway). On “Dipset Xmas Time,” backed by a chorus that toasts “livin’ fast and ballin at Christmas time,” Jones raps, “Look, I’m tryna live everyday like it’s Christmas. I shovel yay so everyday a nigga risk this. Blow from the cop-eyes, feelin like Popeyes, ‘cause I’m in the coupe with a chicken and a biscuit.” “Ballin’ On X-Mas” jacks the beat to “Christmas In Hollis,” over which J.R. Writer explains, “Me and Santa alike; know why? I’m getting cake here. I grab a ho ho ho, and make it rain, dear.”