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    Quad City: All-Star Christmas

    In 1996, the Florida-based Quad City DJ’s, riding the rails of their massive Miami bass-lite hit “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train),” maximized the cash-in by anchoring this comp of Xmas-themed booty rap. The lead off track, “What You Want For Christmas,” a collaboration with the similarly inclined 69 Boyz, sees the Boyz revising “The Twelve Days of Christmas” as follows: “I want a twelve disc changer; eleven Philly blunts; ten Kangols; nine Sega tapes; eight gold teeth; seven pairs of jeans; six pints of beer; five fresh gold chains… four thirty smokers; three pack of draws; two girlfriends and a Cadillac to put it all in.” A female MC then further revises this as: “I want $1,200 dollars; eleven pairs of shoes; ten fingernails; nine packs of weave; eight male strippers; seven blunts passing; six diamond rings; five months free rent… four bangles; three pocketbooks; two earrings and a man with a lot of money.” A lot of rap tracks fixate on fulfilling material desires, and this one finds the perfect occasion to do so.