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    1. Action Bronson Performs at an Outdoor Princeton University House Party

    This was the first live video of 2012 that really caught our attention here at Pigeons & Planes, and it’s still our favorite. Bronson opened up for Raekwon at an outdoor private house party at Princeton University in early May to help them celebrate the culmination of another semester, and as we’ve seen him do many times during this list, he took the cordless mic into the crowd to perform. Only this time, he was entertaining an audience of preppy, Ivy League party-goers, most of whom probably weren’t very familiar with his music, rather than his dedicated allegiance of fans.

    Bronsolino doesn’t give a flying fuck though, and raps his ass off and smokes his joint while weaving his way through the backyard. And though some of the stuck-up girls in the crowd seem a bit confused, the guys in attendance––including a few dudes sporting tight, salmon-colored shorts––are loving it, and they rub Bronson’s head and pose with him for pictures while bugging out off his witty lines, like, “Treat you like a shark, put the hammer on your head.” He even goes into the house at one point mid-performance and grabs a bagel off the buffet table to snack on!

    It’s become quite clear this year that Action Bronson is truly a man who is comfortable in his own skin, and knows how to have a good time with his fans and put on a top-notch, highly interactive rap show, regardless of what city he’s in. Thank you, Bam Bam. You are officially our new rap hero of 2012.