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    2. Action Bronson Performs with a Handicapped Kid on His Shoulders in Washington, D.C.

    In what some are calling the blog post heading of the year, this video of Action lifting a handicapped kid up over his shoulders while rapping landed on all the major hip-hop blogs last week. The story goes that Bronson brought the kid on stage, who supports himself with crutches. The kid gave Bronson some weed, and Bam Bam let the kid freestyle for the crowd.

    Then, as the footage above shows, halfway through Action’s performance of “Larry Csonka,” he lifts the kid over his shoulders, and then starts rapping the second verse of the song. Of course, the Washington D.C. crowd loved it, and everyone watching the playback at home did too. It was easily the most caring and genuine on-stage rapper-to-fan gesture of the year. The most creative and physically challenging one, too.