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    3. Roc Marciano Brings Out Action Bronson to Perform “Pouches Of Tuna” in NYC

    Action Bronson made a guest appearance at Mass Appeal’s CMJ concert in New York City with fellow mic monster Roc Marciano to perform their duet “Pouches of Tuna” off Bronson’s Blue Chips project. Both these guys had a helluva fall 2012, and dropped their latest albums the same week in November, so it’s nice to have fantastic front row footage like this online that captures their shared hip-hop moment.

    In typical Action fashion, before he starts rapping, he asks the crowd for a lighter, and someone throws one up to him. He lights his joint, hands the lighter back, takes a couple pulls after bluffing on his verse, then throws the lit joint into the crowd and begins his stupendous rap. And right as he finishes his last lines, yes, the joint makes its way back to the stage, just in time for him to puff and spit ad-libs over Roc’s ridiculously ill bars, such as, “Vagina splash like apple cider.” Perfect timing, perfect rhyming.