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    4. Action Bronson Debuts “The Symbol” in Toronto

    Rare Chandeliers dropped last month, but Action debuted the first single off it, “The Symbol,” back in June during a show in Toronto. As the mean guitar riff on The Alchemist-produced head nodder drops, Bronson tells the crowd, “You don’t know this rap song. This is gonna be on my new motherfuckin’ shit with The Alchemist.” And then, the self-proclaimed “whip gymnast” proceeds to spit about various maneuvers for the Canadian crowd, including a “handspring, half twist into the Buick” and a “Triple Lindy out the Jeep, land into a split, get up in a spin.” Impressive.

    We had to wait months until the official version of “The Symbol” was released, but this crispy audio and video footage held the hardcore Action fanatics down in the interim.