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    DJs really are just "pushing buttons."

    One of the biggest controversies within EDM in 2012 was the massive "button pushing" debate. Every DJ under the sun had an opinion, with good arguments on both sides. No matter how you slice it, however, the fact remains: the art of DJing really isn't that difficult. To DJ is to match the tempos of two records so they mix seamlessly. The true art, the thing that makes a DJ important or respected, is what they do with the medium. The art of proper track selection. The ability to move a crowd. Effectively, what they do with the medium, not just what they're doing.

    Think of it the same way you would a great guitarist: just because you can learn all of the chords and play things technically, it's the amount of soul you put into your playing that sets you apart from the pack. And a number of guitarists who are considered "greats" weren't the most technically sound, but you sure "felt" something through their playing.