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    Some of the best "indie" music is associated with major labels.

    When a word has different meanings to everyone, does it really mean anything at all? "Indie" used to stand for independent, but it's come to represent many things: a sound, a style, a genre, the constantly evolving culture that surrounds it all. Indie culture has grown far beyond a niche group only appreciated by a select, tuned-in crowd, and major labels have picked up on it. These days, some of the best indie music is affiliated with major labels, and although some purists may be tempted to claim that it's not really indie if it's out on a major label, the fact is that, thanks to a changing industry and the exposure offered by the Internet, the majors have done a commendable job of marketing to the indie crowd without diluting the music. Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, and plenty of the most successful, critically acclaimed artists in indie music are getting support from majors to reach the masses.