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    Sometimes we don't know if we like things in an ironic way or not.

    This ironic fandom shit has become very confusing. It was all so fun and innocent at first, but somewhere along the line it became a jumbled mess of honesty and jokes/half-jokes. Overexposure to things that we started liking as jokes/half-jokes ended up converting us into—gasp—actual fans, and now we actually try to defend the artistic merit of things that we started liking simply because they added a quirky element of humor and surprise to our highly coveted but all-too-often predictable personal brand. It's a strange thing, this ironic fandom, as ugly as it is hilarious, but one thing is for certain: it has left a lot of indie music fans stripped of their self-assuredness. Maybe Solange is right, maybe we are desperate for a little more sincerity in the world of music.