Last time we talked to Gunplay, things got pretty heavy as he talked about his struggles with drugs, his swastika tattoo, and fakery in the music industry. With his recent legal trouble, there has been a lot of negatively-leaning discussion surrounding one of the more controversial rappers in music right now. But with a string of solid songs, his inclusion on A$AP Rocky’s upcoming album, and a new mixtape, Cops and Robbers, coming out on January 18th, things are looking up for the 33-year-old rapper.

We decided to keep things lighter for our latest interview. We ask Gunplay about cats, Santa, movies, socks, UFOs, fishing, cartoons, and Lil B’s Task Force. His answers reveal a humorous, thoughtful side but somehow, even when talking about cats, he managed to be controversial. And while we didn’t expect much more than a few words on UFOs, Gunplay gave us something… well, something else.

Interview by Mustafa Abubaker

What was your 2012 like in a sentence?
A lot of it was friend and foe.

What can we expect from the Cops and Robbers mixtape?
It’s pretty much like a Gunplay compilation of most of the recent leaks and features that I had along with a few new freestyles and a few new original records that nobody heard. So it’s basically just a Gunplay compilation just to keep the people fed before I drop Bogota.

What was it like getting on the “Ghetto Symphony” record with A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg?
It was cool, man. They making a lot of noise out here. I fuck with A$AP. It was real easy to knock this one out. It came out pretty dope.

What’s one thing that annoys you about rap music today?
A lot of pussy ass niggas got power. It’s fucked up. Lot of pussy ass niggas, man. They got too much power.

If you could star in any movie, which one would it be and why?
Juice. I would want to play Pac. I would want to be Bishop. That nigga killed Ramades. You seen how Pac got jumped by Ramades and then Pac killed Radames.

Can you tell us about the time you lost your virginity?
Tell you about the first time I had sex! Ah, man. I was twelve years old. It was this girl that I thought she was my girlfriend. I didn’t know she was everybody’s girlfriend. And I knocked it out, you know what I’m saying. I think around that time, I wasn’t busting nuts yet. But I was tapping her though. I was too young to bust a nut but I was tapping that though. All my homies was fucking that bitch.

How many girls would you say you’ve slept with in your life?
Shiiieeet, a couple hundred.

At what age did you realize Santa doesn’t exist? How did it affect you?
I realized just early, man. I’m smart. I’ve always been a sharp motherfucker like, “I don’t believe you.” Ain’t no fat motherfucker riding around on no goddamn reindeer dropping in no chimney. But, I’m going to play along with it though. I still don’t understand the Jesus thing either. I’m still baffled. I just never understood it.

What’s your stance on socks?
Right now, I got some socks that my momma bought me. When I got on house arrest, she bought me a bunch of socks and undershirts and shit—you know, being Mom. She bought me some And 1 socks, they got the little cushions under the bottom. But me, I don’t give a fuck. Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m wearing cargos and I don’t wear socks. Or I mismatch my shit. One is Hanes and one is Fruit of the Loom or something. They don’t look the same though, they both white, nobody’s going to care. One might be long, one might be short but you can’t tell, I got on jeans. All my socks is dirty, I got to wear jeans. That’s the shittiest shit. I hate that. Ah, man, it’s the worst.

What’s your favorite flower?

Do you ever get massages?
I did that once. A girl treated me on my birthday to a spa and a facial and a manicure and a pedicure and a massage and all that crazy shit. It was the year before last. That was the first and last time I’ve ever been there to get that. I said I was going to keep going back, but, you know, I meant well.

Has a movie ever gotten you emotional?

What’s your stance on UFOs?
Oh, man. Alright. Now, look. I’m just going to say this because I don’t really know what’s going on. I think UFOs are a government conspiracy. Sometimes, I do think there are some other things out there. But, the scales are tipping more towards a government conspiracy. This is what I believe. I think the whole alien shit is a hoax. When the New World Order comes into play, just like when Ronald Reagan said in his inaugural speech, when America and Russia was going through it in the Cold War back in the day, I’ll never forget it, the man said, “You know what will bring mankind together as one world order? If life from another planet was to invade the Earth and humanity as one had to stick together and be as one well then we will find peace amongst the world. If an alien invasion was to happen.” On everything that I love. Now, you’ve already set the tone. Now, recently, you have so much UFO activity, the shit is crazy. You have to ask yourself what the fuck is that shit they’re spraying in that sky every single fucking day everywhere across the world.

It’s chem trails in the sky. You ever see how they make a tic-tac-toe in the sky everyday, everywhere you go? All the way around the world. Tomorrow morning, you’ll wake up and you’ll see the tic-tac-toe sign everywhere. So, now, what happened was, motherfuckers was like what the fuck is that? Shit’s coming down. It has to come down. Particles come down so a motherfucker caught it in a clear jar, the water in it. The shit came down. They took it to a lab. And it’s barium, strontium and some other type of metal. What it’s used for? If you wanted to make a visual 3-D thing in the sky to take over a wide area to make a lightshow, they would fill the air around that area with those elements. That makes the sky a LCD stream. They’ve been spraying that shit in the atmosphere for years. It’s going to be so much in the atmosphere that the satellites can beam down and create anything they want. They’re controlling that shit. You have to do your homework.

That’s not the only thing they do that for. You got to think about it. They experimented with that in warfare, back in the ’40s. They experimented with that same 3-D hologram shit. With them Arabs and shit, they would have Allah come before them and tell them to put down their fucking guns. They would be like I seen it, God told us to put our guns down and niggas would surrender their weapons because their God just appeared in front of them. They can put whatever in front of you. In this region, they’re going to put Jesus Christ to save you. Soon they’re going to say “come to the FEMA camps, we’ll take care of you” and then they’re going to murk everybody. They’re going to gas your ass. I’ve watched Alex Jones, know about Area 51. My company is named Bilderberg Group. I’m intrigued by it, really. They control what you eat, what you watch, what you wear, your style, what kind of gas you’re using. They run that shit, that’s the real mob.

If you could ask Obama one question face to face, what would it be and why?
Are you a puppet?

What moments remind you that this is worth it?
Plenty of times. Going out of the country and enjoying life. Jet skiing and shit. Jumping off of shit. Bellyflopping thirty feet off of shit into the ocean. All that wild shit you see in the videos, man. We be having fun, man. Every time we hit the airport it’s work, but don’t let nobody fool you. I wouldn’t trade none of this work for the world, this shit is fun as fuck. You got to get out the hood and see shit, feel me?

Molly is the drug of choice in rap at the moment. What’s next? LSD, DMT, mushrooms?
I hope they bring crack back, shit. I don’t know, man. I want to try LSD. I be watching documentaries on the shit and, dawg, they be telling you some real deep shit about those LSD trips. They really go in. It’s like you’re entering your inner universe. It’s some wild shit I was watching it. It made sense. When motherfuckers realize what LSD is and why them hippies was wilding like that, you will understand.

And DMT? That shit is natural. That’s how the Mayans and all them shit were talking to the Gods. That shit don’t come from waking up in the morning and taking something. Nigga, that’s drinking that peyote, doing all that psychedelic shit. Your brain opens up different avenues and channels to really see the meaning of life. Motherfuckers will have near death experiences when you’re not even feeling like you’re here. I watched the DMT documentary and fucking lost my mind. That’s in every living being. It prepares you for fucking death. That’s how you’re going to be when you die. Subconscious and going into the wormhole and all that wild shit and being amongst the love and the life and the Earth and the God and that natural shit. That’s a molecule that’s in every living thing on the fucking face of the Earth. You get high on it. You get high off yourself. The shit is in you.

Would you ever be open to making a dubstep song?
Most definitely, this is the entertainment business. I don’t like to be boxed in. I got to vibe with it though. I got to like it. I can’t just do it because it’s hot. I want the whole concept. It has to be set up for me already where they know I like it.

Who’s your favorite cartoon character and why?
Damn. Megatron, he had that big ass fucking cannonball and he could fly.

Have you ever considered becoming a professional fisherman?
Most definitely, I love fishing. I don’t know how cats do that shit. Me and my dad, he used to take me fishing when I was young. He took me on my 9th birthday and I caught a nine pound bluefish off of Long Island. I’ve caught dogfish, sharks. I’ve been deep sea fishing with a boat damn near capsize. When I was young, I was living in New York and my dad would take me on the weekends on this boat called the Bronx Queen. Every weekend was like a ritual.

This one weekend, we didn’t go because we went somewhere else. Every weekend, he would pick me up and we’d just go somewhere, introduce me to new shit in life, just get me out of the hood, out of the projects and take me places, upstate New York and all over the place. I forgot what we did that weekend but we didn’t go. Next weekend, he’s reading the paper a couple days before we’re about to go and the paper said the Bronx Queen sunk that weekend, that Saturday when we were supposed to go. I think like three people died on that bitch. It was an old boat. He used to go on it with his dad. And his dad used to take his grandma there. It was generational.

How do you feel about cats?
I’d rather have a dog cause cats fucking act like faggots. Sometimes they like you, sometimes they don’t. They have mood swings and shit like hoes. Looking like hoes and shit. A dog will forever love you no matter what. You throw something, they’re going to run and catch it and bring it back. You can come home and you haven’t shaved for four weeks, that motherfucker isn’t going to say, “Damn nigga, you need to shave.” That shit is just going to jump on you, they don’t care.

What’s the biggest misconception about Gunplay?
That I still snort cocaine. I don’t do coke no more.

Do you protect the Lil B The Based God as part of Task Force?
What?! I don’t really listen to Lil B, or anybody for that matter. Why, what happened?