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    "To The World"

    Kanye West is known for his entrances. Although Cruel Summer isn't going to make the Canon of Kanye as part of his discography, the posse album did have an introduction worthy of his solo albums. Featuring R. Kelly and Teyana Taylor, "To The World" utilized a bevy of producers to achieve its constantly dynamic momentum. However, of all the fingerprints on this beat, the most recognizable touches come from Hudson Mohawke. That stately, euphoric synth line, for starters, the wide range of percussion sounds and the very feel of the track seem like a Kanye-fied take on the Scottish producer's best work. We can't place this higher on the list because it's impossible to prove the hunch that Mohawke truly earned his co-producer credit on this, but it's certainly one of the best beats he's been involved in making.