• 17

    A Clockwork Channel Orange

    Frank's Manager: What do you mean you just want to make clocks Frank? You just released a critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated album for Christ's sake! This is not the time for retirement!

    Frank nervously plays with a string loose on his shirt. He knew this announcement wouldn't go over easy.

    Frank: It's just… it's just something I feel I have to do. It's a passion I have; I have to see this through.

    Frank's Manager: You're nuts. You're talking nonsense. I knew we shouldn't have gotten you that Michael's gift card, I told everyone to just get you a new bandana.

    Frank: I'm sorry. And this isn't my retirement; it's just something I feel like I want to focus on now. I'll be back, I just need some time.

    Frank laughs at his own pun, but the joke seems to have gone over his manager's head. Frank understood, it wasn't the place to be pulling out clever play on words.

    Frank's Manager: (reluctantly) Well, I'll be here for when you decide to return. You know I will. Good luck.

    Frank: Thanks, I appreciate it. Hey- I'll even make you a clock, you know, as a thank you for this.

    Frank's Manager: I'd like that Frank, I'd like that a lot.