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    Back to the Odd Future, Starring Kel Mitchell from Kenan & Kel as Tyler, the Creator

    Bored one day, the group stumbles upon an abandoned bus behind an old Taco Bell in south LA. Instantly intrigued, they board the bus hoping to learn more about why it's there unattended. Taco, who had been preoccupied snapchatting Jasper the whole day, started playing with buttons on the front dashboard. Suddenly, smoke appeared, the bus shook, Domo screamed, and lights were flashing everywhere.

    A few minutes later, OFWGKTA is in the same bus, but in very different surroundings.

    The crew runs to the nearest store, Tyler pushes open the door and asks the clerk what year it is.

    "Dude, It's 1994."

    OFWGKTA stare at each other in shock. "You know what this means guys," Tyler says, calmly but with a brewing excitement. They all nod. "We can stop them," Hodgy answers. "We can stop the Black Eyed Peas."