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    Imagine this: Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, a stolen pog collection

    Gucci wakes up one day to find his prized Pog collection stolen. Enraged, Gucci turns to OJ Da Juiceman for advisement and together the two track down clues left behind. The final clue leads Gucci to a series of intricate lasers- Gucci DGAF and just runs through the lasers. Alarms go off, he gets attacked by dogs, etc. only to find that the Pogs are nowhere to be found.

    Gucci returns home and checks his answering machine to find a message from Waka Flacka: "AYO GUCCI, I'M SORRY I DIDNT GET YOU AN XMAS GIFT SO IMMA GET YOU A NEW DISPLAY CASE FOR YOUR POGS. I NEEDED TO TAKE THEM TO MAKE SURE THE MEASUREMENTS ARE OK." Gucci replays the message 9 more times, grabs a Yahoo from the fridge, shakes his head and just mutters, "Waka. What a guy."