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    St Vincent's Fire

    Annie Clark never realized post-college life would be so difficult. At 22 and with only a degree in economics to her name, she had no clue what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go or who she wanted to be. And her friends don't seem to have it much more together either; those that were lucky enough to nab jobs certainly don't have their personal life in order, and those that found someone are also finding themselves struggling financially.

    The one thing they can all count on is their beloved hang out, a bar on 2nd Avenue called St. Vincent's Fire. One particular night, the group finds themselves at the bar during an open mic night. Maybe it was frustration about her current reality or just that extra tequila shot, but Annie decides to sign up to sing. This on-a-whim decision would change her life forever.

    But would things go downhill when Annie finds out she can only sing when she drinks tequila?