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    By Katie Kelly and Joyce Ng

    Shortly before this year's Grammys, CBS teamed up with the awards ceremony to launch the "Gig of a Lifetime" contest, where it would award one aspiring musician the chance to perform during the awards show. While this would seem like another grand marketing scheme, there was one interesting catch—Lil B was one of the musicians fans could vote for. Yes, that Lil B.

    Despite his legions of fans, the rapper did not win the contest. And while many were puzzled (the rapper does have over 625,000 Twitter followers), Lil B had a good reason for his loss—he didn't check his email in time and missed the message from CBS stating that he could perform. This made us curious: just how many other emails had The Based God missed? Here are 10 other very fake, but very plausible emails Lil B unfortunately missed.