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    Dim Mak

    Year Established: 1996 Genre Focus: EDM Website: www.dimmak.com

    Since its inception in 1996, Steve Aoki's Dim Mak has been serving up some dance-ready hits and has been home to some of the most eclectic acts. Aoki's determination to become one of the leaders of the game in "all realms of the music industry" is reflected in Dim Mak's impressive roster, both active and former signees. Dim Mak currently represents some of the most popular EDM acts, such as MSTRKRT, Zedd, and Dada Life, but at one point, the L.A-based label was also a platform for up-and-coming bands like Bloc Party and The Kills. Today, 51 artists, including a handful of rock/pop bands and two hip-hop/rap acts, are active under Dim Mak, but that's not all that the label's about. The record label has extended its reach as a lifestyle brand, merchandise, and event production company.