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    Neon Gold

    Year Established: 2008 Genre Focus: Various Website: www.neongoldrecords.com

    In terms of indie pop pedigree, Neon Gold is unbeatable. Their roster is a place to go if you want to see where indie's biggest superstars got their start, and a great bet if you're planning on catching an act early on in what will become a huge career. The boutique label was first founded by Derek Davies and Lizzy Paplinger to release Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" single. Five years later, the band is headlining Madison Square Garden. A savant-level ability to predict what music is destined to break big on the mainstream is no fluke for these guys; Ellie Goulding, Gotye, Marina & The Diamonds and Penguin Prison are all NG alums, too.

    The pair of young label heads have since signed a deal with Columbia for what has to be for less money than they're worth, but they still run Neon Gold as an indie label, reliably great music blog, and series of parties. Oh, and Lizzy Paplinger fronts MS MR, one of our favorite new bands out right now, in case the above wasn't enough to sell you on the pedigree of the label.