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    Night Slugs (Fade To Mind)

    Year Established: 2008 Genre Focus: Bass Music Website: www.nightslugs.net

    There are a ton of great independent dance labels out there, but none feel as consistently vital and of-the-moment as the Night Slugs crew. "Crew" might be the best way to describe the outfit, as it sometimes feels more nebulous and creative than a label; a collaboration of intensely creative artists rather than signees and label heads. Originally founded by Bok-Bok and L-Vis 1990, both DJs and producers whose work features heavily amongst Night Slugs releases, the artists drawn into the fold are all uniquely talented, carving out niches in the genre-titling clusterfuck that is modern dance music that are, more often than not, entirely unique and united by their ability to feel both new and dancefloor-ready at the same time and the singular visuals from Bok-Bok tying every release together.

    Girl Unit, Egyptrixx, Jam City and Kingdom are among the most visible of the members of the team, but since its formation the label has expanded the roster without a single false step to date. Kingdom, in particular, has come into his own, creating an American sister label to Night Slugs called Fade To Mind, that has come into its own in the past year or so with an equally compelling sound. For a taster of what Night Slugs is capable of, they've got two label compilations out, and both are worth your time if you're interested in delving into the forward-looking boundaries of dance music.