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    I have never listened to Lil B.

    Monster's Confession:

    Over the years we've discussed in great detail the role that the Internet has played in how we as fans access and process music. The advent of platforms like Twitter have forever changed the way we discover artists and has even created a means by which we can at times communicate directly with them. It is in this new world that artists like Lil B thrive. As of this post, The Based God had nearly 500,000 Twitter followers and 300,000 "likes" on Facebook. That's a rather impressive following of supposed fans who apparently enjoy his music enough to follow and "like" him.

    As an active tweeter, I've seen countless Lil B messages shared and RT'd by others. I recognize this is largely because I follow a lot of music sites, writers and other artists, but let's be honest, the dude's Twitter game is somewhat legendary. Whether he's beefing with Joey Bada$$, hosting #GirlTime or simply interacting with fans, The Based God is consistently engaging his audience and continuously growing his personal brand.

    As a longtime P&P contributor, I've been aware of Lil B for a while now. As a site we've covered him with regularity, exchanged jokes about him in our emails and referenced him countless times. Everyone I write with has listened to him, but I can honestly and confidently say that I've never heard one of his songs. I can't explain why, but it's just never happened, and the longer I've gone without doing it the more I don't want to. When we first started brainstorming about a "blogger confessions" post, I opened up to the group that I was a Lil B virgin. The man Jon Tanners quickly fired back with a message of disbelief and promptly recommended a few choice tracks to get me started.

    I looked through the email and even hovered my mouse apprehensively over one of the YouTube links he'd sent. It was then that I realized I was facing my own Matrix-like red or blue pill moment. Click the link and travel down the Based God rabbit hole, or delete the email and continue living a very satisfying Lil B free life? Needless to say I chose the latter and to date have yet to dig into his catalogue. For now I'll keep my relationship with Mr. B on a strict social media level, occasionally checking in on #GirlTime until contacted by the Task Force or otherwise compelled to do more.