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    I haven't let go of my emo teenage years.

    Matthew's Confession:

    I’m a grown adult who hasn’t quite let go of his emo-punk teenage days. I’m proud to say I no longer embrace the lifestyle, yet ashamed to say that at one point in my life I did. But I mean hey, it was tough growing up in the suburbs with a caring family and opportunity. I had so many problems and emotions that only whiny boy bands understood. It was heavy stuff. I am glad to say, though, that it has almost been a decade since the times of black-and-white checkered vans and a mood apathetic.

    However, this brief chapter in my musical past hasn’t completely escaped me. A couple times a year I do a little spring-cleaning to my music library. When I do, I’ll inevitably come across Motion City Soundtrack or Death Cab for Cutie’s entire discography and just CAN'T. LET. GO. Blame it on nostalgia, but deep down I just still like it.

    If "Sugar We’re Goin’ Down" would happen play in a public setting, I would laugh at how bad it is and make a joke about Fall Out Boy. But if I’m by myself and it happens to pop up on my iPod, I’ll rock out… probably mulitple times.