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    I know all the words to Taylor Swift's "Fearless."

    Sam's Confession:

    I pride myself on enjoying a pretty wide range of music. From Kanye, to Kimbra, to Iron & Wine, to M83. But the one genre I’ve never been able to stomach is country. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a good Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson record—the older iterations of country music were great. It’s where Dylan cut his teeth, and without those guys, the rock scene would never have evolved to what we hear today. But that shiny, rhinestoned, overproduced modern Nashville music that gets all the radio play has a stomach-churning quality that I simply cannot handle—with one exception: Taylor Swift.

    I get down on some T-Swift. Hate on her all you want, but I’ve listened to Fearless enough times that I can sing along with every word. The girl is a talented songwriter and has the ability to craft a good story. So what if the target audience is 15-year-old girls that live in Oklahoma and can name all the members of One Direction. I confess: I have, on several occasions, belted out “Love Story” whilst driving by myself.