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    If someone doesn't like one of those specific, important bands, I stop taking their opinion seriously.

    Caitlin's Confession:

    We're all different, we have different tastes and different ideas—this is what makes us special! But let's be straight-up, shared connections have gotten the human race a lot farther than differences ever had. There's something about two people sharing love for a third thing that is addictingly pleasant. What could be more innocuous then, when someone starts hating on one of your treasured and beloved pieces of art? Utter disgust and complete disregard for their opinion. It's not like they might not have other good qualities and interesting things to say, but there's a level that they'll never quote get you on, so why waste your time? Plus, if they can't see the beauties of your one, most heralded artist, why trust them at all?? Maybe this stems from the idea that there are certain songs, artists and songwriters that simply are better, no matter what, unequiovcally. This unheralded idea that capital T "Truth" still does exist and some artists get closer to revealing it to us than others—and critics or listeners who can't see that will never be able to connect on key levels if they don't see that. Or maybe it's simply my unending hubris? Impossible to say, really.