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    When I get drunk, my taste in music changes.

    Joyce's Confession:

    My friend DJs at a local bar. Although he's got great taste in music and he's what many would call a music snob (like myself), he must, according to the bar's management, play top 40 music because of the crowd. I visit him fairly often, not only because I love the kid like my brother, but also because I really do have a soft spot for top 40 music, especially when I'm inebriated and in the mood to dance. I mean, there's a reason why top 40 is so popular; all the beats are the same and they all encourage maximum dancing.

    Of course I draw a line somewhere—I pout when there's Ke$ha, cross my arms when Flo-Rida pulsates through the speakers, and leave the dance floor to grab a drink when Nicki Minaj sings about starships. But damn, when Bieber's "Boyfriend" comes on? I have to turn to my company and warn them, "I know this is damaging to my reputation, but..." and throw down some moves. I just can't help it. The worst thing is, I am embarrassed and slightly confused about my enthusiasm, moving my body with such gusto to music I often deem as crap.

    It can be difficult for people who think they "know music" to admit to loving that top 40 shit. It's that inevitable music snob mentality. Of course I'm worried that my reputation is going to go to shit if I admit to liking "Dance Until The World Ends," but it's an undeniable fact that I do. Sometimes, you just need to get off your high horse. Who knows? Maybe you'll find yourself on the dance floor breaking it down with me to Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz's classic "Get Low" if you allow yourself to spend some time with mainstream music.