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    Audio Engineer

    Example: Jim Scott, Audio Engineer

    What people think he does: Sit in studios all day and go to shows all night.

    What he really does: Audio engineers are a vital part of the music production process. They use their expertise to bring together the creative and practical sides of music. Through their knowledge of different recording media and technology they create music that has a crisp, clean and synchronized sound that sounds great in your car, on your headphones or in the club.

    “When I went to college, I thought I could study to be a drummer, but I discovered I wasn't a very good one. I fell in with some other students who had a folk-rock band. They were very good musicians, but they didn't sound good in the clubs and coffeehouses because you couldn't hear them properly. I bought another P.A., some mics, and I engineered their shows. I didn't think of it as a job; I just wanted my friends to sound good."  - Jim Scott as told to Mix Magazine