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    7. "Make A Plan To Love Me"

    Album: Cassadaga Year Recorded: 2007

    This song leaves the acoustic strummed feel of many early Bright Eyes songs and goes beyond the plaintive wailing that many of Oberst's songs devolve into. Instead, it takes a tack that is majestic and slow, building into crescendos of longing with a kind of drama and resounding harmonies that really tug at the heartstrings. Instead of lamenting a relationship that has ended, though, Oberst dedicates his energies to a lover that is focused on their other goals and dreams - too focused to notice his love. Comparing the world to a a carnival ride, Oberst sums up both the thrilling unexpectedness of adoration, and the inevitable downfall. The lack of resolution in the song leaves a sliver of hope, but the overall tone suggests that unrequited love will win this one.