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    17. "Old Soul Song (For The New World Order)"

    Album: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Year Recorded: 2005

    At the crux of it, I'm Wide Awake It's Morningis a musical snapshot of Oberst's life at the time. It documents what it's like to be a twenty-something newly living in NYC, where you're still young enough to act reckless and spontaneous without incurring many significant consequences. It possesses the unique viewpoint of still being able to see the wonder in the world without being naïve nor jaded. "Old Soul Song (For The New World Order)" is perhaps the best visual for this. Oberst manages to weave the narratives of an antiwar protest and a sad love story together, perfectly capturing this feeling of unbridled passion. With a parade of horns, percussion and Oberst's strained vocals it's the type of song that regardless of the context, dares you not to feel alive when you hear it.