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    8. "Sunrise, Sunset"

    Album: Fevers and Mirrors Year Recorded: 2000

    The title of this song is a clear allusion to a track of the same name from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof." The musical is set in Tsarist Russia in 1905, and the klemzer influences that Oberst sprinkles amidst the cataclysmic rising and falling choruses of the song indicate his further tribute to the track. In the musical, the song serves as a refleciton on the childhood of a pair of lovers and their subsequent union. Oberst's rendition is a little bit more dark, as we have come to expect. Though he has composed a few songs that are straight love songs, most of his tracks end in heartbreak for someone. So it doesn't come as much of a shock that in this track the concept of sunrise vs. sunset reflects the instability of an unfaithful lover and Oberst's own quickly turning moods because of the betrayal.