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    13. "We Are Nowhere And It's Now"

    Album: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Year Recorded: 2005

    In this track, Oberst confronts the idiosyncracies within post-modern culture and hipster existentialism with such poignancy that it doesn't feel harsh or critical, merely an investigation of the inconsistencies that have become every day. Exploring the effects of things like pesticides, neon signs, restlessness, and other facets of modernity that have drastically changed the way humans function, Oberst manages to confront universal issues like climate change and light pollution by illustrating their impact on his own life. The title of the song itself reveals the frustrations of those who grew up in a time when markers like cultural identity, ethnicity, and family traditions slowly start to disintegrate and corporations and media begin to take over. The track ends on a positive note, though, as the two characters exchange good luck emblems, regaining a sense of humanity through the talismans.