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    Elvis Presley - "Stranger in the Crowd"

    Lyric: "I've been standing on a corner / Since a quarter after seven / I was down to my last cigarette / And the clock in the window / At a quarter to eleven"

    As far as a way to pass the time while waiting in public, cigarettes are possibly the best invention on earth. But Elvis isn't waiting for just anyone, he's searching for the one! And lo and behold, he finds her after waiting only three and some change hours. I mean, I'm not mad that he found a girl that evokes biblical comparisons like "the taste of milk and honey" it just seems extremely serendipitous. Then again, if anyone deserves that kind of bliss, it's the king. Also relevant in this lyric is that inexplicable feeling of only having one cigarette left, obviously you can always buy more, but somehow it feels like the stakes are much higher, like this last one holds some sort of special power. In Elvis' case it certainly did!