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    By Caitlin White

    We all know the terrible effects of smoking cigarettes, and yet, in true alignment with the fickleness of human nature, we smoke them anyway. Scientific data can't explain away the extra edge that smoking infuses situations with—something undeniably cool and subversive lies in a habit that assuredly leads to death. Who then, is more likely to praise and pontificate upon the nature of nicotine addiction than the eccentric and unnatural being known as the musician?

    Often self-proclaimedly crazy or warped, musical artists are forced to adopt unpredictable touring schedules, deal with fame, battle artistic blocks and changes—the list goes on. Sometimes, though, the cigarette is a marker in songs that conveys a deeper meaning, an exquisite experience or a turn from the mundane. An escape from heartbreak or a further reveling in the glory of love. So here are fifteen significant mentions of the deplorable habit—whether it be for good or ill, cigarettes are an important motif in music.