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    Jimi Hendrix - "Midnight Lightning"

    Lyric: We gotta stop smokin', stop, stop / I mean cigarette smokin' / Or else I cough myself to death / And to make love to you baby, / I wouldn't even have the breath"

    Shout out to Jimi Hendrix for clarifying that he wants to stop smoking cigarettes—not other, uh, substances. Also his priorities in this song are very compelling, he's going to quit tobacco because it's interfering with his ability to make love to his baby... very important health concern there. Jimi is on point lyrically in this song, pairing his always-fierce guitar solos with lines like "Gotta keep on moving / To understand both sides of the sky." In a lot of ways this track feels like an attempt on his part to be better, and an encouragement that others join him. Sadly, this track is off an album of the same name that was release after his death—even post-humously though, Hendrix urges his listeners to keep searching and trying to understand all sides of life. And to stop smoking if it interferes with serious concerns like affairs of the heart.