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    Kanye West - "The New Workout Plan"

    Lyric: "Oh girl your silhouette / Make me wanna light a cigarette"

    Trust Kanye to turn the craving for nicotine into something sexual, or to turn the draw of a beautiful woman into a more easily explainable yearning. It's also interesting that 'Ye references one of the most widely black-listed and unhealthy habits in a song that is blatantly about working out and maintaining a "healthy" lifestyle. But the idea that a woman is beautiful enough to shake Kanye into needing a cigarette is still a funny thought. Also, given Yeezy's trail of lyrics celebrating the many sillhouettes of women the world over, this lyric might also be an admission that he's a heavy smoker? Then again, maybe not, it was impossible to find a photo of Yeezy smoking anything other than a swaggy stogey. And now that he has a baby on the way, he has to set a good example for 'Ye Jr.