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    Van Morrison/Them - "You Just Can't Win"

    Lyric: "One more coffee / One more cigarette / One more morning trying to forget / If I had the chance to join your dance, I wouldn't like to bet your game is something yet"

    Van Morrison is a god among men, and the real sin is that so few people know that. In fact, most listeners will probably recognize this song as a B-side track from The Dead Weather—one of Jack White's side projects—but it was originally penned and performed by Van Morrison and his band Them. Van does an excellent job here using his voice, enhanced with a special booming, echo-y effect, to convey the monotony and meaningless power contained within the games of money and power that we play. The track decries the loss of a friend who has sold out to have the trappings of a luxurious life, and beginning it with a focus on the next coffee, the next cigarette, and how he wants to forget this loss, Van reveals the escapism we seek through every day rituals.