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    Drake - "The Winner"

    Drake "The Winner" Lyrics:

    [Verse 1] I’m performing tonight you know that shit gone be packed Pay me in advance and make sure that it’s exact My ex girl’ll probably show up for the simple fact That tomorrow she can tell all of her friends it was whack But fuck that though, this about me They say my whole fan base is missing ID But the young trend setting musician I be Got critics giving up the recognition I de-serve Never bring your Mrs by me I’m it I’m it call me Mr. IT If I get one wish I'mma wish to die free They say gon head, ball like Ms. Arie and I do The realest in my age group, no shit SoHo, Cosmo, bah mar blow fish Let's make a toast, tell your friends come closer Drinks on me like a coaster

    [Hook] We doing it big Look at what I done Look at where I’m is It’s only just begun Cause I was staying home When they was having fun So please don’t be surprised when they announce that I won And this is how my speech goes I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit That’s all I got to say, at the top is where I stay And tell my haters never go away The Winner

    [Verse 2] Long awaited, hated Fans see me out and they holla happy belated It’s about time that you made it I was bumping your songs when nobody else played it When I was up in Hot Beats in Atlanta steady giving daps Fetching niggas drinks but I never got to rap If anybody asked though I prolly woulda snapped But I can’t sign nothing til my lawyer get the facts and No one decides who the definition of talent is And Mrs. Murray look at what my talent did And what your business is It's been a couple years Guess it’s not about who you know It’s just how you balance it It’s always awkward to dummy a nigga artist And get on someone song when you know you coming the hardest It's how you start actin when nobody can reach you My plan just hatched, happy easter


    [Verse 3] Uhh, ok I do it for the love Bunk bed flow, always one level above If I’m in your starting five you will never need a sub And I’m neva looking down so I always know wassup A lot of people sayin fuck me Problem is they be telling everybody but me But I always got a Starbucks verse Being brewed too hot please please double cup me They never gave me support like Chuck Ts And I never trust a nigga saying trust me Nick cannon and will never did it this ill So you tell the house band don’t you dare interrupt me Thanks to my mother for never giving up You deserve the world, now gon' live it up Thanks to Uncle Steve, my hero who always saved us I could never give back everything you gave us

    [Bridge] And to my dad even though we was apart I couldn’t leave you out, you forever in my heart Yeah, and in the name of Evelyn Cher I’ll forever forgive anybody that never was there For me, no other woman could ever compare My angel I hope heaven’s prepared for whenever you there

    [Verse 4] I got a revolutionary flow in every scenario coming through your stereo Got a new chick, booty round like the merry go Bitches like where he at, they be like there he go And this verse deserve a burial Don’t cry for me this ain’t motherfucking Mario Yeah and Polo isn’t at my session It’s the anticipation keeping everybody guessing like