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    Interview by Caitlin White

    The Cold War Kids came of age in the embryonic era of the Internet as a musical tastemaking authority, but as the now-mature band prepares for the release of their fourth full-length record, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, 2005 seems an age away. Frontman Nathan Willett recalls seeing their early songs blogged by sites he'd never heard of before—the likes of My Old Kentucky Blog and Gorilla Vs Bear were early supporters of the band—but Willett admits he had no idea the power and impact these tastemakers would wield.

    For a band that has seen both early indie cred and some fairly high placement on the Billboard charts, Cold War Kids are in a weird place in 2013. Are they indie or are they mainstream? Are they posted up on the blogs or in major media outlets? There aren't necessarily clear answers to questions like these for the group, but Nathan certainly has plenty of thoughts on the band's progress, sound, and where else they hope the new record, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts will take them.

    We talked to Nathan over the phone about how the Cold War Kids' sound is changing, the shifting music industry, what the collaboration between Jay-Z and Mumford and Sons will yield, and what it feels like to fit in between the blog posts and the Billboard charts.